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Microarray Data Analysis
Microarray data analysis offers an exciting entry point for the statisticians into the modern areas of computational biology and bio informatics.

AAshmam provides novel methods for microarray image processing for normalization within and between arrays for testing differential expression and for adjusting for the multiplicity of tests which must be done, for analyzing complex multi-factor experiments and improving the accuracy of cluster analysis. AAshmam provides innovative algorithms for microarray data analysis.

The data mining techniques that we are working on are � wavelet transforms, discrete cosine transform, HMM, PCA.

We have developed http://geneincense.com which provides the fastest clustering compared to the available software.
Data Visualization
To intend to provide the opportunity to navigator this makes the visualization as an analysis tool rather than just a tool for the presentation of result. We have been working on following software tools like,
  • Matlab,
  • Mathematica,
  • G plot,
  • Gnuplot.
We are also working on various signal processing technologies namely �
Our team has the expertise in following Data Mining Techniques - Clustering, PCA, HMM, Bayesian, Neural Network, Wavelet Transform We intend to offer Statistical Analysis Services to help in the Conceptualization, Validation and Raw Data Analysis.
This helps in :
  • Better Decision Making ,
  • Areas to apply for Clinical Trials,
  • Post Marketing Study.
We provide the following Services �
  • Pre-Study Statistical Planning ,
  • Mid-Study Statistical Support ,
  • Post-Study Data Analysis
Medical Imaging
We are doing the experiments with wavelet transform in medical imaging like compression, scaling and noise removal.

We are creating a wide array of image processing tools to perfectly calculate, investigate, introduce, and export accurate digital images.

We are creating simulation for range of multipart operations with slice, imitate, detach, shift, shell marking, compute and some complex surgical measures.

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