AAshmam Bio-solutions
AAshmam offers a wide range of 'Life Science Services' to organizations of small to large size to build up their brand and enhance their capabilities. To implement these solutions we have in-house domain experts skilled in latest technologies of LAMP - PHP, PERL, PYTHON, J2EE, data mining of molecular sequence and structure data. Our team has an excellent backup of 'Life Science Professionals' with years of experience behind them in the areas of bioinformatics, gene expression, biochemistry, pharmacology, biotechnology, genomics and proteomics, who help us in our analysis of data. We concentrate in the following niche areas :
HealthCare IT Consulting
One of the main cause of concern in human life is 'Healthcare'. With increasing day-to-day internet technologies, consumers are more educated and place immense demands on companies providing healthcare services to come out with more innovative and efficient services. We at AAshmam come to the aid of such companies by offering affordable and reliable solutions. We deal with health-care segments like - Customer Service Software Selection & Integration, Patient Database Creation & Maintenance, Registration, Admissions, Pharmacy, Billing, and Reporting Systems.
Custom Software Development
Our in-house team of molecular biologists, software architects and engineers can design software that could be customized to your research requirements with state of art technologies keeping in mind project enhancements in the future.
Custom Database Development and Integration
After the success of 'Genome' project, there has been a tremendous explosion of data available to be analyzed, organized and managed. This requires stringent procedures to retrieve, store and maintain them using less effort but in a user friendly way. We provide such a solution using our expert database management team. We also ensure that the developments follow standard methods and with complete documentation. User training and maintenance is also provided for the software.
Third Party Software Integration
We work closely with our clients, understand their life science requirements and offer services to integrate proprietary data to third party software.
Data Mining & Knowledge Management Solutions
Data mining is the process that lets you extract, organize and understand enormous amount of data. Our data mining solution and services will offer you a precise way to filter out unwanted data and collect useful data that would suit your requirements. Efficient data- mining depends upon the technology adopted to achieve it and we use latest trend-setting algorithms like neural-networks, clustering, decision tree etc to achieve this.
Web- Based Solutions
Internet is the efficient and lowcost method to access data globally. We can develop an effective web-enabled database that will provide value addition to your data for yourself and your global users. We are also skilled in developing web-portals that will let you communicate efficiently with your clients and offer you an internet corporate presence.
Technical Report Writing
Every project requires a clear, specific and precise documentation without scientific jargons to make it successful. Make use of our skilled technicians who could pave way for such a success. We analyze the Life Science project, understand its requirement before embarking on such documentation. Our technical report writers have integrated experience in both software engineering and Life Science domain to achieve this.
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