Enterprise IT Solutions
An organization takes birth from an idea, the idea that satisfy a particular business need. As an Enterprise evolves over a period of time, people are needed, processes are needed, technology is needed, information is needed and more importantly, integration of people, processes and technology is needed for right information flow.

AAshmam provides Enterprise Architecture Solutions to satisfy you organization needs
. Enterprise Architecture Framework
  - Zachman Framework
  - RM-ODP
  - COSM
. Architecture Assessment
. Architecture Modeling and documentation
. Mentoring
. Business Process Reengineering
Ofbiz Framework Applications
Incense Fashion Online Webstore
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RetailPro Online Webstore
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Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation
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Online Courier Service
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Handheld Courier Service/Handheld Webstore
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Purchasing and Planning

Inventory, Shipping and Warehouse

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