Mobile Technologies
We specialize in Custom software development for mobile devices namely Pocket PC, Java enabled mobile phones and Symbian OS based solutions. We also have the capability to develop custom web applications accessible over GPRS / 3G.
Our Mobile Software Solutions Development Include:
Real Time Streaming � Audio & Video
We are providing the software solution in real time video streaming on handheld devices with RTSP and without RTSP. Our software is used for audio and video streaming. We are providing the streaming software for following media format:-
Wav , MP3 , AVI , MPEG 2 , MPEG -4 , 3GP, h264 Codec etc.
Pocket PC Software Development (PDA Software development)
Pocket PC software can be as functional as desktop applications; they are excellent for mobile users who need to collect data or run distributed applications. Using new wireless networking technologies these applications can interact with central web or corporate databases. Often Pocket PC based software's integrate with desktop or Internet based software to generate powerful and versatile solutions.

We specialize in Pocket PC database applications as well as Pocket PC to corporate automation software integration projects.
WAP Applications Development
Wireless Access Protocol or WAP applications are accessible from millions of WAP-enabled handsets. These simple but powerful applications allow mobile phone users to access vast information datasets. Few most common applications are online courier application, online dictionary, online inventory tracking etc.
As most new mobile phones have WAP ability this is medium of data transfer has the potential of reaching millions of individuals of a varied demographic.
SMS Applications Development
Text messaging is the game today. Easy to use and cost effective technique is used by masses across the globe. We have the capability in pull and push messaging system, just one way messaging system. Our team has worked on the Kannal gateway and MMS as well. Other daily need applications can be 2 Way SMS chat (pull and push both), SMS quiz, SMS Voting and SMS Order tracking etc.
Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Enterprises are keen to amalgamate towards highly experienced productive improvements, processes optimization and functionality optimization. By mobilizing the functionality according to the enterprise need so that enterprise applications will be accessible to your organization on an anywhere, anytime basis is of extreme importance.

AAshmam provides services to your valued organization by creating a strong and highly secured architecture, incorporating data with enterprise resources, building intelligent applications and device-agnostic applications.

AAshmam has a focus on data mining technique which provides synergy to enterprise mobility solutions.
Mobile Games Development    See Demos
Mobile phone games are the latest addition to the gaming world by revolutionizing the gaming industry. Mobile gaming allows the user to play games anywhere, anytime on handheld devices � single player or multi player.

Our experts are able to develop different games � board games, brain teasers, animation, Puzzles. Our two working demo in these areas are as follows:-

•TicTacToe � Using the Artificial Intelligence technique � Min/Max algorithms

•Payo Payo � J2ME game with GUI.

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